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September 15th, 2015

exclusive premiere you're gonna want to hear kia muze new ep flood

The feeling of velvet. When you don’t have to pick your stupid friend up from the airport anymore. The crunch of a Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme at 4 a.m. … okay fine, 2 p.m.

These are all satisfying things, but there are few things in life more satisfying than the delicate, quivering voice of a human angel-being hovering over a futuristic disco bass line.

This is something LA vocalist Kia Muze has realized and perfected on her debut EP, “Flood,” which we’ve snagged the exclusive premiere of for you today. Included in this internet bundle of joy is a full-length version of the EP’s title track, and an equally exclusive preview of “Wonderland,” the EP’s other offering.

Produced by house-pop warlock Vince Fierro, “Flood” is an upbeat electro-house offering intended to break necks on the dance floor. With atmospheric synth arpeggios that bring up fond memories of what it’s like to come down from anesthesia (seriously, I had a great time, thanks tonsillectomy) and groovy disco bass lines that mesh perfectly with Kia’s soulful vocal hooks, the EP transcends genre lines to bring your mood into the positive spectrum and your ass wherever other people’s dancing asses are.

“I worked with beat Maestro Vince Fierro over about two years on these really just for fun and to see if we could make anything worthwhile,” Kia told us about the tracks on the EP. “VF sent me the “Flood” track first, and when I listened to it, it the way the synths roll on the groove made me think about ocean waves.  Because I like to write about relationships so much, I likened the sound to a flood of emotion that you would feel in relationship with someone that you are really passionate about.  After that, the lyrics came easily.  I think that feeling is something that everyone can identify with and pinpoint when it happens since it tends to be such a rare thing when you really think about it.”

And while “Flood” effectively makes me shed regretful tear or three million about the hot Intelligentsia Dad I’ll never bone, the EP’s other track “Wonderland” was crafted with a different feeling in mind: joy.

“VF sent me a track and from the second I hit play on SoundCloud I was in this sunny place where I just wanted to dance and sing at the top of my lungs,” said Kia.  “The shine on the track and the bass line were that intense. “Wonderland” is essentially about being in a place where you are happy and free.  For some people it might be on the dance floor when this song drops, or hanging out at the beach with friends and family.  Really it could be anywhere on earth, but it could also be in the afterlife.  The feeling of “Wonderland” is one that you can take with you and plant wherever you are.”

“Flood” will be available on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, and other digital retailers on September 22, but you can give it a listen right here, right now, before anyone else has a chance to.

And if you want some in-person Kia vibes, her label Leisure Sports will be holding a listening party for the EP at Blispy Bar in Koreatown on September 24th, where Soulection‘s Kronika will be spinning all night. Check out the Facebook event for more info.