August 1st, 2012

With a focus on stimulating creativity and providing a platform for the many talented musicians that make up the Valerie Collective, French producer David Grellier’s understanding of the modern internet has helped the French collective reach international recognition, especially for its role in influencing the electroninc landscape over the past 7 years. As a producer himself, Grellier creates 80’s inspired instrumentals that recall the vibrancy of summer and the synthetic warmth of the decade. His moniker, College, almost acts as a reference to television, the digital institution that most of the imagery created in his productions recalls from his youth; inspired by the soaps and sitcoms that featured eclectic cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. This retro-futuristic fascination not only fuels the creative output of his personal and collective work, but has in and of itself become this generations time capsule to an aesthetic possibly too far gone now to have experienced in person.

College will be performing as part of the Drive Tour this Sunday, August 5th, at the Echoplex. Joining him will be Anoraak and Electric Youth. In the meantime, check out College’s most recent LP, Northern Council, out now on Valerie, as well as the Drive soundtrack if you haven’t already.

Tickets are available HERE.