February 16th, 2016

Do you ever trip and fall in public and just totally eat shit? You invariably start laughing because you’re embarrassed. You want witnesses to laugh with you so you can turn it into entertainment rather than another example of failed bipedalism … but instead, people just stare in shock, as if you falling has deeply insulted their very being and fucked up their entire day/life/hair. Then one guy inevitably rushes up to you screaming “I’m a medic! Stand back for CPR!” but really all that happened is your credit card flew out of your bag and you’re still on the ground because damn it, that’s where God or someone like him intended you to be?

That’s exactly the sentiment these videos embody. Whether A-Trak is reassuring you that “We All Fall Down” (except fucking Lisa, she is a graceful whore), or OK Go is defying gravity so they never have to fall again, someone’s falling up or down. Tyler, the Creator and Kali Uchis are falling for each other in “Perfect” and the Daredevil trailer captures several really powerful leaps and jumps which you could classify as falling I think. I really have no idea how to fit the Mark Ronson/ Kevin Parker of Tame Impala collaboration video into this scheme or what it’s doing in here but I’m including it anyway.

1. A-Trak – “We All Fall Down” feat. Jamie Lidell

No strip club I’ve ever been to has this hot of strippers. Personally I prefer a little more meat on the bones because it makes for a much jigglier experience. Anyway, hot girls riding mechanical bulls in slow motion, tugging at the boner strings.

2. OK Go – “Upside Down & Inside Out”

This video was shot in zero gravity, making these dance moves very hard to replicate. Moreover, I really fucking hope this doesn’t happen to my on my next flight. Southwest, my life is in your hands.

3. Tyler, the Creator – “Perfect” feat. Kali Uchis and Austin Feinstein

Tyler is wearing butterflies from the latest wearable flying insect collection and this girl/boy split screen action reminds of every time I call my boyfriend at work. This video gets me.

4. Wiki – “Patience” feat. Antwon

In this video, Wiki and Antwon lead police in a high-speed chase after “stealing hip-hop.” I didn’t know you could steal hip-hop; I always figured it would be too large and unwieldy to carry. But these guys have it IN THEIR HEARTS.

5. Mark Ronson feat. Kevin Parker – “Summer Breaking/ Daffodils”

Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker and Mark Ronson collaborated on two songs for last year’s Uptown Special: “Summer Breaking” and “Daffodils.” This is the joint video for both those tracks. Directed by Theo Wenner, it focuses on a babe whose summer adventure turns into a party. Probably the first time that’s ever happened. Both songs feature lyrics by the novelist Michael Chabon, so deep.

 6. Star Wars: Episode VIII Production Announcement 

Finally, something to masturbate to.


7. Daredevil  Season 2 trailer

Netflix and Marvel just dropped the trailer for the new season of everyone’s favorite sunglasses-at-night-wearing, crime-fighting lawyer (oops, sorry he’s blind not fashionable). Another trailer will be out February 25th.

This one puts much of the focus on Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher and the difference of his methods with that of Daredevil. At the same time, the end of the trailer suggests much of the next trailer will deal with the return of Matt Murdock’s old flame Elektra Natchios. The new season will premiere on March 18th.