fbpx Flight Facilities Drop New Music Video "Sunshine" Starring Reggie Watts!
November 5th, 2014


There is nothing better than when the comedy and music world come together. In the new Flight Facilities music video, these worlds collided to create a fantastic love-child. Flight Facilities and director Rhett Wade-Ferrel killed it with their new music video for “Sunshine”, featuring the always hilarious Reggie Watts. Calling upon the comedic talents of Watts, the music video’s plot revolves around him pitching his movie concept of “Twilight” meets “Happy Days“, which will of course “include a lot of vampire shit, and lots of bare buttocks”.  The video captures him strutting down the Venice beach boardwalk and driving through the palm-tree lined streets of LA. Watts’ musical collaboration with the duo, Flight Facilities, delivers the perfect blend of soothing vocals, upbeat synths, and tremendous hair.Watch the video for Flight Facilities’ song “Sunshine” Ft. Reggie Watts!