May 18th, 2012

Seven years have gone by now since the unfortunate disbanding of notable post-hardcore trio, Mcklusky. It wasn’t an easy transition for founding members Andy Falkous and Jack Egglestone, struggling to create a new identity for themselves in Mcklusky’s wake with their follow up project, Future of the Left. With a new lineup that features members from ex-Jarcrew, Future of the Left are preparing to release their third full length record, The Plot Against Common Sense, removing any doubt of the band’s ability to move beyond their early expectations.

With that said, their most recent single, Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman, finds the band revisiting some of that raw enthusiasm from the Mcklusky years, taking a break from the sporadic pauses and staggered dynamics of the first few FOTL records to make way for this unabashedly noisy and ferocious revision. Falkous’ wry and cynical wit is on full display and is juxtaposed with homemade “banner ads” that take a shot at the way we perceive media online. One reads, “This Chord Sequence Has Been Shortened to Fit Your Attention Span,” with the ironic expectation that most people will see it after they’ve skipped through, even though the track is just over two minutes. Thankfully for the rest of us, their new record, The Plot Against Common Sense, will be released June 11th on Xtra Mile.