fbpx Gacha announces new "Send Two Sunsets" album and teases with dreamy, sentimental title track – IHEARTCOMIX
April 15th, 2015


We finally got our hands on the title track from Gacha’s upcoming debut album Send Two Sunsets. Coming off of two EPs, the album from Apollo Records is supposed to be a musical mosaic of sorts, a wide-frame shot of the past three years rather than a single musical concept explored over 70-ish minutes.

It’s dreamy AF. It sounds like a teenage love story, if the teenagers were floating through clouds on their way to some after-hours spot, girl smiling bashfully under her Devil-may-care pixie cut as he puts down his tall can PBR and tells her awkwardly “I like your shirt” which is charming because they’re wearing the exact same shirt. The bouncing synth line and wispy, ethereal vocal stylings of Natalie Beridze gently carry you through five and a half minutes of sentimentality as you muse on things like “I wonder where she is now…” with a Michael Cera-esque awkwardness. She’s at home, caring for your five-year-old, asshole.

The album is slated to hit the world on May 2nd from Apollo Records. Peep the title track here, and I DARE YOU to not to cry even though you’ve been incapable for years.