November 14th, 2012

Listening to Born Gold‘s new album, Little Sleepwalker, is like venturing into a mindscape full of ambient beats and synths that are organic and comforting. The Canadian pop experimentalist, Cecil Frena’s, 2011 LP, Bodysongs, delighted the dance floors despite its vague classification. It’s clear from this debut that the conception of the new record was meant to blend electronic percussion, progressive bass, and dark vocoder hooks, qualities that differ from the previous LP. Beat driven songs with captivating melodic undertones make this new album stellar for long drives and long nights, and while Little Sleepwalker was just recently released in October (on Audraglint) to mixed reviews, you’ll find upon first listen, it’s infectious nature to be undeniable.

The tracks above should give you a preview of the new album but if you’re a sucker for the hooks, watch Born Gold’s official music video for Lawn Knives. It captures the runaway spirit of a young girl looking for something visceral in life. If you seek that same feeling make sure you don’t miss Born Gold at Check Yo Ponytail 2 with How to Dress Well, Beacon, Groundislava and Bago.

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