February 22nd, 2017

What better way to meet our new Director of Marketing, Natalia Quiroz, by giving her an informal myspace.com style survey and making her take a bunch of awful quizzes. The hazing begins!


name: Natalia
nickname: nat
how old are you: 29
zodiac sign: Virgo
current location: LA
eye color: Dark Brown
hair color: Dark Brown
hair type: the hairy kind
hieght: taller than Franki
your heritage: world’s least understood haters
what’s your middle name: nice try
shoe’s you wore today: fuzzy combat boots
your weakness: puppies with sass
your fear: puppies with sass
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: standing up
do you want to: but do I
goal you would like to achieve this year: out-nag everyone at IHC
first thought when you wake up: buhhhhhh
best physical feature: invisibility
who is your bestest freind: my girl dog littlehead
when is your bedtime: ideally all time
your most cherished memory: Watching White Men Can’t Jump as my first R-rated flick during a flight at 8 years old
pepsi or coke: pamp
mc dondalds or burgerking: whataburger
singel or group dates: no dates
what is the last song you sang: Love Gun by Rick James
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: please stop
what is your biggest pet peeve: ppl that are too nice
do you drink: occasionally
ever been drunk: Im from Texas
do you smoke: no
do you “SMOKE”: :X
do you sing: in my car
what color underwear do you have on: glitterpens
do you want to go to college: don’t make me go back
have you ever been in love: Everytime I meet a new office pet
do you wnat to get married: not a high priority
do you believe in yourself: what
do you believe inothers: way too often
do you like thunderstorms: yes but my dog hates them
do you play an instrument: Im only interested in playing Smooth by Santana, the Remix on midi flute
what do you want to be when you grow up: cat wrangler
what country would you like to visit: Uruguay
how many CD’s do you own: I have a Korn CD somewhere in a storage unit from when i was 12…
how many DVD’s do you own: threw them in a dumpster a long time ago
how many tattoo’s do you have: a few
how many piercings do yo have: none
how many things in the past do you regeret: maybe being born a cynic but not really

shoes: hooves
radio station: any local hard rock station
drink: Michelada
car: Convertible Chrysler Le Baron with a “Dumpster Slut” ice cream paint job and a portrait of my dog
place: biker bars in the desert
song: The entire Crossroads Soundtrack
movie: Riding the Bus with My Sister with Rosie O’Donnell
moment: “…you cant fool me twice”
color: more like tones
meal: stress, self loathing and hot wings or Paella

favorite eye color: not the asshole kind
favorite hair color: any or none
short or long hair: no blunt bangs or rat tails
height: not the asshole kind
body type: with scales
does ethnicity matter: is it an alternative fact ethnicity
piercings: did that hurt
tattoos: just please no assholes

do you think you are attractive: this question is a waste of time hunee
are you attracted to someone who does not know it: yes but thats a lie
would you like to be someones fantasy: I am, yw
hunter or hunted: hunted until I hunt u back
do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: i bet you’d like to know
a little or a lot of tongue: ;)
older or younger: ~flips hair~
lights on/lights off or candle light: ~bats eye~
do you like to cuddle after: ~smoochy face~
do you like to cuddle in general: ~bites head off~

what is todays date: it can be many dates all at once
what time is it: what is time anyway
who are you thinking of: lunch
what are you listening to: some shitty EDM that Jacob is playing
do you love someone: yes
do you know where your mechanical bull is: making bachelorette parties nastier down in Austin, TX
does someone love you: better
is it raining: no
how many myspace friends do you have: ….probably 4
are you happy: you’ll never know

Catch Natalia and the rest of the IHC team this Sunday as they live tweet the Oscars at 4pm PST.