GFOTY Drops “VIPOTY,” An Immersive EP, Short Film, and Online Social World

March 30th, 2016

GFOTY Drops “VIPOTY,” An Immersive EP, Short Film, and Online Social World

Remember those nightmares you’d have of being a catty middle school English girl (they probably call middle school “Primary” or something), where you’d walk into school in a crisply pleated kilt and all the other girls would call you stupid and ugly and fat and as you clutched your notebooks and tried to hide behind your pigtails as tears began to well up in your eyes and the rest of the school broke into choreographed song and dance about how profoundly un-loved you are?

Well PC Music‘s GFOTY, resident bubblegum-trap powerhouse, just released VIPOTYan EP with a short film to match that uncannily touches on all those nightmares. The film follows GFOTY and her boyfriend Chad – who, admittedly, looks a lot like my hunky hunk crush during those nightmares that I never had.  All looks good until Polly, “The biggest, grossest loser on earth,” schemes her way into stealing Chad from our celebrity protagonist, and what ensues is part psychedelic sex scene part heartbreak montage, and also features a poisoned frappuccino.

The VIPOTY EP features the same breakbeat, halfway to footwork trap crossed with the hyper-cutesy, anime-esque pop songwriting we’ve seen from GFOTY before. It’s the sonic equivalent of neon pink, like if you chopped off the stripe of hair you dyed with Kool-Aid and put it in a stereo. It tells the franticly internet-era story of the love lost when Chad leaves her for the social succubus Polly, a four-track soundtrack to one of the richest musical worlds since the Gorillaz Plastic Beach – equally animated, way less dark, and far more viral.

But along with this, GFOTY and PC have released an extensive online world on the VIPOTY website, featuring such colorful characters as Pet Of The Year – a sassy iguana – and Prankster Of The Year – who is either a guy with Oakleys and spiked hair, or a boudoir pile of tires. The whole thing is fuckin’ nuts, and there’s an app soon to follow, so get in on it now.