fbpx Ghastly and Mija Reveal "Crank It" Video, and Everyone Totally Misses the Point – IHEARTCOMIX
April 22nd, 2015

ghastly mija crankit lil jon owsla

Last year, Ghastly and Mija released their joint track “Crank It,” which had everything you’d expect from the two recent additions to the OWSLA squad, including a feature from Lil’ Jon (of “WHAAAAT” fame). The usual antics ensued: pupils dilated, speakers everywhere blew out their subs, and that little mastermind Skrillex let out a maniacal giggle in the clouds while looking down on all of us from atop his throne.

So when the video came out, everyone stopped twerking for a second and dialed up the YouTube to see what sort of visual spectacle could match the auditory one, and no one was disappointed. There’s lasers, there’s a brain in a microwave, there seems to an infectious EDM thing going on where a suburban family gets abducted by the visual embodiment of a bass drop.

But then I re-watched it … and I started to notice that there were triangles everywhere …

And then I realized … The Illuminati.

Director Nick Roney has everyone enthralled with his Illuminati propagandist video, happily swallowing the cultural opiate that the corporate Fat-Cats push on us to keep us docile. Notice how the triangle flies into this family’s house and brainwashes them? WAKE UP! Notice how the Dad eats dog food out of the bowl? SYMBOLISM! When the daughter snorts that fat line of glitter? MORE LIKE SNORTS A FAT LINE OF REAGANOMICS!

So go ahead, watch the video, and then ask yourself:

Are you just another cog in the corporate machine?

Just kidding. This weed is really strong, you guys.

Anyway, here’s the video: