fbpx Girl Unit's Hysterics wants you to calm down after the club with new track "Empty" – IHEARTCOMIX
January 28th, 2015


If we had taken physics, we would have probably learned that for everything, there’s an equal and opposite force. And that’s the exact relationship that Girl Unit‘s new side project, Hysterics, was going for with his new track ‘Empty,’ which is like sonic anti-matter to the rest of his upcoming four-track EP, Hysterics.

Back in 2010,  the London producer paved the way for what would eventually come to be known as bass music, becoming the favorite son of a sound that has since spawned countless imitators. But ‘Empty’ is something different all together.

The single is the London future bass producer’s “We’re done here, everyone go home” moment off his otherwise pulse-pounding new EP. It’s sparse, yet direct, a solemn sonic interlude that brings you back down to earth. It’s a refreshing aside from his usual grit, and a reminder of his versatility.

“‘Empty’ was the first track that really gave me a feeling of relief from the more club focused material I was working on for this EP,” he told The FADER. “I just wanted the track to have this feeling of submersion—when all the percussion drops out around the one-minute mark I want to be able to bathe in the sound, but still maintain the groove throughout. It’s that kind of post-club therapy when you’re driving home with your ears still ringing.”

The whole Hysterics EP is out February 3rd, but you can stream the new single below.

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