March 21st, 2014


I don’t know if you heard, but the IHEARTCOMIX event Austin Party Weekend was the place to be at SXSW.  It was so crazy busy I didn’t get out to see many other showcases, but I did get a chance to catch a few rad ladies.  The Girl’s Room SXSW picks are as follows:

Lil Debbie @ Austin Party Weekend:  The first time I saw Debbie, the lifestyle influencer and rapper that weekend was in the airport on the way to Austin and ran into her about every day after that.  She’s such a swaggy little nugget, always has her look on point and always brings the energy.  Even though it was a sleepy, somewhat rainy Saturday afternoon when I caught her and the crowd didn’t seem fully prepared for what they were about to experience, Debbie showed up fearless in neon orange booty shorts and steam rolled through her 30 min set like it was a Saturday night.  If you don’t follow her on Instagram, do your self a favor: @debbiecakes420

Blouse @ Absolute Vodka / Bedhead Party:  This may of been the worst crowd i’ve seen in a long time — one part wasted “funny” guys wearing ironic neon sunglasses and the other part random people just waiting to get a free hair cut. I never would of braved that scene normally, but Blouse are old friends of mine from Portland and I hadn’t seen the preform since one of their very first shows several years ago.  Let’s just say I was sincerely blown away by how good they’ve gotten.  Their special brand of 80’s influenced dream pop commanded the space in such a gorgeous way and even in a less than desirable environment, their performance didn’t seem phased in the least. They are currently on a US tour supporting the Dum Dum Girls.  If you get a chance to catch these guys, do it!

Kim Ann Foxman @ Lights Down Low: Nothing about this party felt like SXSW.  It was on the main strip in a massive Hollywood style gay club with a lighting system that could be detected on the moon.  But when in rome and when the line up is too sick to believe, magic happens.  Kim took the stage after Brenmar, Treasure Fingers and Jacques Greene so needless to say, for such a tiny little girl she had big shoes to fill.  Not to worry, anyone who has seen Kim preform knows that she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve and has no problem throwing down unforgettable late night sets.  When I played  with her at Through the Night in L.A. last month I literally saw people gripping their heads so that they wouldn’t explode (thought that may of been the drugs, ha).  Kim DJ’s and produces original tracks, so without further due, here is one of my favorites:

Natasha Kmeto @ Converse Fader Fort:  Full disclaimer, I didn’t actually see her live though I had the full intention of catching my old friend and beat goddess at one of her SXSW performances, I just couldn’t make it happen.  So needless to say I was thrilled when this live set from the RLR SXSW studio popped up in my news feed.  The girl is mad talented and brought it hard, take a listen!