April 30th, 2015

girls room allie x feature

I try and live my life according to absolutely nothing that comes out of Katy Perry’s mouth, but the she does have the occasional seizure-like stroke of genius, and she brought Left Shark into the world, so I had to trust her on this one.

Last month, Katy tweeted something about an artist named Allie X, and the Internet went haywire. However, unlike the vapid sounds of Top 40 pop that Katy churns out,  Allie X’s take on the genre is refreshing, airy, and strikingly chipper – which is endearingly ironic because her subject matter mainly features murder and syringes and ex-doctor lovers.

Allie X, a Los Angeles transplant from Canada, considers her darkish lyrics one of her specialties, according to an interview with The Star. Her visuals are equally as cryptic; they carry some semi-twisted undertones that mesh with her fashion choices (I call it medic chic). She’s even got an affinity for replacing letters with X’s (no, XxXi don’tXmeanXlike thisXxX), and everyone knows X’s mean major street cred. Major.

It’s all part of her persona, which she isn’t ready to reveal so soon in her budding career: “I don’t wish to share my personal information or intimate truths about myself with the public yet,” she told The Star. “And the sunglasses and the lack of seeing my face is a protection that expresses those beliefs.”  You can see how adept she is at building tension.

And yeah, I’ll admit the whole “shrouded in mystery” thing sounds a little Lady Gaga circa 2009, but I totally bought that shit back then. But, like Gagas before her, Allie’s pop music lives up to her image. It’s solid, well-crafted, and downright fucking adorable in the way that pop music should be. She’s got that entire ‘Pastel Goth Tumblr Princess’ thing down to a T.

Did you pay attention to that “Catch” video? It’s made in GIFs. ALL of her videos are made in GIFs.

LOOK AT THIS ONE! A weird use of Pepto Bismol if you ask me, but it’s not like that shit cures my hangovers anyway.

OR THIS ONE! I think it’s a cut from an old-school fetish video: Nuns Caked in Nutella, Volume IV.

I can watch these all day. I’m a dirtbag millennial, so I can only consume new information in two-second moving images, but the crisp, attractive synths in her songs keep my interest going. “Tumor” is so cherry bubblegum, it could have probably been a KP song if it weren’t for Allie’s chilling lyrics where she compares love to… well, cancer. “Good” is a soft electronic ballad meant for slow-dancing at a junior prom, and “Sanctuary” has got enough of an infectious pulse for me to whip out a cardigan sweater and Doc Martens and find my own body of water to casually wade in.

But my favorite of hers has got to be “Bitch.”

Allie channels Lana Del Rey to such a disturbing extent, I had to double-check and make sure my secret stash of Ultraviolence songs wasn’t streaming in the background. “Bitch” feels like a Lana & Purity Ring collab, with a raw, electric chorus that sounds like a nursery rhyme gone wrong (“I’m your bitch / You’re my bitch / BOOM BOOM!”). Plus it’s the only song without a GIF video, and I’m really digging the whole “Supermarket Sweeps” episode under a faux-vintage filter” vibe. I saw her posing in front of a rack of Cup Noodles and thought man, why the hell haven’t I ever thought of that aesthetic? Nu-Ramen, how utterly cool.

Allie X’s debut EP, CollXtion I was released worldwide last week, and though she’s made herself a comfortable nest in Los Angeles, working with producers like Cirkut and Billboard, she’ll be traveling back to Canada at the end of the month for her live debut. She’ll be performing at Montreal’s Phi Centre, accompanied with live installations.

I hope that means she’ll be spinning around for five to seventeen hours.