August 10th, 2015


“20 Years of Madness” is a really good movie. I know. I saw it. I seen it. I loved it and fantasized about slowly kissing it as it held me.

“Well, what’s it about?” you wonder aloud as your co-workers tell you to shut the fuck up.

Silence. I’ll tell you … or rather, the film’s official synopsis will:

When the founder of a mid-90s Public Access TV show in Detroit reunites the eccentric cast after 20 years to make a new episode, he discovers that most of his childhood friends are struggling with issues ranging from mental illness to drug addiction. They are forced to take a hard look at their relationships and reconcile their teenage dreams with the realities of adulthood.”

Words cannot express how moving it is; no matter who you are, everyone can relate to the utter permanence of childhood friendships and how the people you grow up with become your family who you’ll accept to matter what as a doughy adult.

And guess who’s in it? Our very own Jesus Rivera, aka Demonbabies. The little squirt was running around with the “30 Minutes of Madness crew,” making insane public access film art, and ended up being an essential part of the subsequent documentary. He’s so cute. You’ve probably seem around at our parties. He makes all our psycho-videos and non-psycho music videos, and you can blame his upbringing on “30 Minutes of Madness” for that.

But who the hell am I to tell you what to think? Go see this film for yourself tonight.

Slamdance Cinema Club Presents: 20 Years of Madness

August 10th @ 8pm

Arclight Cinemas

Q&A with Jeremy Royce, Jerry White Jr., Jesus Rivera, and moderator Tom Green!!

Tickets here!

More info here!

Watch the trailer below, and clear your schedule for the night because this film is way more interesting than your stupid girlfriend/ boyfriend/ life.