Grime & Reason: An Introduction to Bok Bok

May 3rd, 2013

Grime & Reason: An Introduction to Bok Bok

For as complicated and progressive as his music entails, London based producer and DJ, Alex Sushon comes off as a really relaxed kind of guy. By day, Sushon handles the creative direction of record label, Night Slugs (co-founded with L-Vis 1990), a highly respected cult label that features a diverse lineup of artists with a cohesive feel that ties them all together. While the focus of the label is abstract, his productions as Bok Bok help perpetuate a more futuristic ideal. Highly technical while remaining warm and organic, Bok Bok creates highly calculated, and at times, slightly schizophrenic club music rooted in grime, but evolved by house, techno, and Bmore tendencies. The result is a sound that is innovative and intriguing with “everything moving along in it’s own little contiuum.”

Bok Bok

Bok Bok will be performing tomorrow, May 4th at Complex for an intimate edition of OFF/CNTR. Joining him will be Pearson Sound, Grenier, R2M, and Queen Leaf. In the meantime, check out this wild greenscreen performance from Bok Bok on a TV show in London.

Tickets are available HERE.