May 29th, 2015


I live by myself, so obviously cats are a pretty big part of my emotional stability.

I’m not lonely. I’m fine. Really…

But even if you don’t cry yourself to sleep at night – because I definitely don’t – most of us have become familiar with internet uber-sensation and cult of personality focus Grumpy Cat, the new socialist leader of the interwebs.

Dear Leader Grumpus has teamed up with Dynamite Comics for the cat’s newest piece of propaganda: a comic (<3) entitled The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat (And Pokey!). Ostensibly, our savior Grumpy will get into some sort of shenanigans, which will at least be partly to blame on Pokey’s well-meaning but youthfully reckless nature, and maybe they’ll learn something about themselves along the way that leaves them heartwarmingly a little less grumpy? Or maybe it’s just a realistic cat comic, in which the cats sleep 90% of the time and lick themselves clean while their owner – who looks eerily similar to me – cries while watching Dirty Dancing?

Grumpy Cat will debut the first of her autobiographical drawing-things in a three-issue miniseries, released in Fall 2015, and collected into a hardcover graphic novel in time for the holiday season. Dynamite also has plans to launch a website this summer where new Grumpy Cat comic strips will go up online every week.  Ooh, that internet.

Being the comic savvy kids we are over here, IHC founder/mastermind Franki Chan will be featuring the Grumpy comic in his specially curated comics in the upcoming issue of Flaunt Magazine. So stay tuned for that, and in the meantime, stock up on water bottles for when the internet crashes upon the release of the Grumpy Cat comic.