Peep HO99O9’s New, Very Scary Interactive Video For “Blood Waves”

March 8th, 2016

Peep HO99O9’s New, Very Scary Interactive Video For “Blood Waves”

Do you remember that scene in the 1995 Val Kilmer classic Batman Forever in which a young, brash Robin challenges a bunch of neon-faced juggalo lookalikes to a fight and then saves some lady in distress then Batman shows up and Robin’s all “Aghhh I’m an impassioned youth with a chip on my shoulder and the facial bone structure of a co-star!” and Val Kilmer (in bat suit) says something to the effect of “Hey, it’s Gotham, shit happens, let’s turn you into a sidekick and go off and beat up Jim Carrey as The Riddler?” Do you remember that scene?!

Well, this video is that scene. New Jersey rap/punk/terror duo Ho99o9 just pulled out very Batman-y throwback with their new interactive video for “Blood Waves” made in collaboration with Converse.

Featuring the band in far scarier, less-1995-looking neon face paint, the video is supposed to change and interact with you once you give it access to your computer’s camera. Very scary things are supposed to happen to your face, but since I have an HP from 2011, I couldn’t get it to work. However, the video is still great without the interactivity element; Ho99o9 bangin’ away in some fresh Chucks and horrifying facepaint under blacklight, along with infographics on both the song tempo and some of my own vital signs is sufficiently horrifying on its own.

Here’s a link to the interactive video, or you can watch it regularly below.

Warning: if you’re up smoking late at night and try this without knowing that they’re going to put your face in it. It can be, uhhhhh, pretty fucked up.

And if you didn’t already know, H09909 will be playing our showcase at SXSW this year, which is UTTERLY awesome because they have one of the craziest live shows anyone with eyes or broken mosh pit ribs will ever see. They played last year, and my face melted off. I currently have no face.

Here’s the full lineup for our SXSW event … come through if you know what’s good for you.

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