November 15th, 2012

Former IHEARTCOMIX Records artist and never ending creative bad-asses, HEARTSREVOLUTION, have finally began the process of unveiling their 80 years in the making full length record and world revolutionary master plan.  The whole thing kicks this fall with a mixtape entitled ‘Revolution Rising’ debuting some of the new tracks along w special mixes and songs made exclusively for it.  JUST BLAZE took on the mixing duties and what’s been created is something fresh, bold and fun.

Below is the video for one of the tracks off the mixtape “Not That Hard To Explain”. It incorporates a very familiar sample. The video itself is colorful, rebellious and shows off just about every part of this duos personality in way or another.

While the outside world may see HEARTSREVOLUTION as an act that came and went, I’ve had the privilege of watching them mold and build their ideas from the inside. There hasn’t been quiet, only masterful and purposeful planning. The world cannot suspect the true revolution that awaits them!