fbpx Heems Drops New Single "Sometimes" off Upcoming LP "Eat, Pray, Thug!"
January 8th, 2015


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from former Das Racist frontman Heems, since the trio dissolved back in 2012 but today he released a new single “Sometimes” off his upcoming LP “Eat, Pray, Thug” out on Greedhead/Megaforce Records. 2015 finds Heems, aka Himanshu Suriarriving with a similar socially-conscious ethos mixed with biting racial commentary and of course, a sense of fun! The politically charged new album written and recorded in Brooklyn and Bombay, India over three days features guitar from Dev Hynes and Rafiq Bhatia with production from Harry Fraud, Gordon Voidwell, Boody B and more. The music reflects the highs and lows of the music business, failed relationships, racism, the working class struggle, to tales of substance abuse, anxiety and depression as he delves into his first hand experience being blocks away from Ground Zero that day and the subsequent racism he and his community were subjected to. While the message is pertinent and pointed the songs themselves are fun and filled with danceable melodies. Stream the new single Sometimes below and be sure to pick up the new LP when it debuts on March 10th.