Hofflepomp! Grimes to Headline Wizard World Concert Series

April 15th, 2016

Hofflepomp! Grimes to Headline Wizard World Concert Series

Last night, amidst a swirling whirlwind of fairy dust and 20-sided dice, I was bespoken to of great news from a mystical voice beyond the-…

Alright, that’s enough.

Wizard World is the world’s most hardcore fantasy convention. They make Comic Con look like a buncha diet sugar-free Monster drinking softbodies (kidding, they’re part of Comic Con). This summer, they’re attaching a concert series to the already-huge convention in Philadelphia, and they just announced the headliner: Grimes. Her particular brand of otherworldly electro-pop is fitting: she’s a whimsical little pixie, she’s Canadian, and most importantly, she’s a well-documented nerd. She’s written passionate odes to Star Wars, she studies Dothraki … I mean, she’s basically everything we wish we could be if our nerdy little bedroom project reached massive worldwide superstardom.


So if you’re over in Philly, grab a cheesesteak and ticket to the show – if you need any more convincing, give this a peep: