fbpx HUMANS' new video for "All My," explains how to do fun when the WiFi dies – IHEARTCOMIX
April 27th, 2015

We’ve been covering HUMANS for a while now, so when they release a new video we hop on it immediately. These guys release a prodigious amount of videos, and “All My” is one of the few that they didn’t make entirely on their own. Featuring director Oliver Millar, we’re treated to a brief two minute trip through grainy vintage footage of fireworks and people with spinning sparklers. Instead of a fun, throwback-y nostalgia, there’s a cool melancholy to the footage which is perfectly aided by the driving synth track and sparse vocals.

It kind of looks like Mardi Gras from back in the VHS days, way back when phones still flipped, Das Interweb still dialed up, the Rugrats had yet to Growed Up, and cars still ran on coal. It’s like pre-internet era entertainment … before there was WiFi, there were sparkly floaty things and that was like, enough for people, you know? Your grammy does.

Check it out, observe the art, and watch ALL of their videos. ALL OF THEM!!!

“All My” is off Noontide, HUMANS’ latest album. Go to it.