March 20th, 2014


Have something to say about Music, Culture, Film or Nerdy shit? GOOD! IHEARTCOMIX is looking for new contributors for our website!!

We want writers, video makers, artsy fucks, funny people anyone who can write up a storm, has an informed opinion or can make some creative video content. We want the voices of the future and the fearless denizens of the new world. We want those with the gruff to enact change through good taste and niche passions. We want those unafraid to wander into uncharted waters! We need those able to see the lines between the lines! Do you have what it takes? IHC will give you access to the artists you want to be in touch with and a platform to shine unto the world! And hey, maybe you’ll even make some money too!

If you feel this is you, please reach out and let’s chat. [email protected]