fbpx IHC + Ham on Everything Present: #SQUAD with CGB, Ratchet Set, Larry Susan, BRRRANG-A-DANG & $U$PECT at Los Globos on September 20th! – IHEARTCOMIX
September 13th, 2013

It’s Friday, and everyone is looking for the best weekend parties! In one week’s time you’ll be feeling the same way except this time IHEARTCOMIX and Ham On Everything got you covered. Friday, September 20th IHC + Ham On Everything Present: #SQUAD with CBG (Chill Black Guys), Ratchet Set, Larry Susan, BRRRANG-A-DANG, and $U$PECT at Los Globos! This will be a trapped out night for all our friends to come and turn up for little to no cost. The show is free before 11pm with RSVP and only $5 after so sign up now. Doors will open at 10pm and the show is 18+ so come get ratchet and squad up!