IHC x Mad Decent Official SXSW Showcase 2017 Recap

March 21st, 2017

IHC x Mad Decent Official SXSW Showcase 2017 Recap

We are back from SXSW and our 10 day marathon of drinking, partying, schmoozing, and finessing our way into showcases is over! Most of our time in Austin, Texas took place on the eternally hot-boxed Viceland bus, but our IHC x Mad Decent showcase was when the fun really got started.

Our SXSW was a bit smaller this year, with a two night event that we curated in partnership with our buds over at Mad Decent. Night 1’s lineup included Ho9909, Pomo, Sad13, Frankie Rose, Happy Meals, Two Feet, & Qualiatik. Sweater Beats was set to headline, but unfortunately the cops shut down the entire event because of a mosh pit that started during Ho99o9’s set. Yeah, it sucked…

We picked the party right back up for night 2 though, with amazing sets by San Holo, Droeloe, Wax Motif, Pink Guy, Josh Pan, Ape Drums, Sebastian Paul, Bishu, Paul Devro, Hoody, & Wifi Funeral.

Huge shout out to Four Loko for sponsoring our showcase and making sure everyone was properly sauced all night long. Special thanks to our friends at PHHHOTO as well for providing the photo booth entertainment.

Night 1 photos by: Quinn Tucker. Full photo set here.

Night 2 photos by Amy Parks. Full photo set here.

Full PHHHOTO BOOTH set here.