In the Cloud with Kitty: an introduction to your Mondays on IHC

February 17th, 2015

In the Cloud with Kitty: an introduction to your Mondays on IHC


Hello, friends. I know the headline says Monday, but do not fear. We know it isn’t Monday.

Because your friends at IHC understand the Monday Blues, we have made a collective decision to bless every single Monday from here on out with an invitation to my personal cloud; an EXPERTLY curated collection of music, jokes, videos, interviews, thoughts, feelings, selfies, and whatever the fuck else I feel like sharing with you all, my new friends. Naturally, in honor of the great and powerful Presidents’ of our country, we refrained from posting this shit on their Day. From now on, though, expect me on Mondays.


If you’re familiar with me, you already know what’s really good with my fabulous taste in everything. However, if you are not yet acquainted with my Personal Brand, I’m here to induct ya’ll to the cloud via three (3) Very Interesting Facts About Me and three (3) Cool Things In My Cloud. Here we go.

1. I live in LA because I make songs and post them on the internet.

My 2012 song, “Okay Cupid”, garnered a lot of attention online that I didn’t expect. This lead to a short Vice documentary about me and collaborations with Riff Raff and Danny Brown that helped start my career as a touring musician. Soon after all this stuff started happening, I ran away from my home in Daytona Beach, Florida to New York City, where I thrived for a few years until I decided I couldn’t take the cold anymore. Now I live in Hollywood, where everything is sweltering and nothing hurts.

2. My hobbies outside of music include video games, wacky news headlines, and REALLY bad movies.

I spend a lot of time playing video games and streaming online with my friends, and I will be without a doubt updating ya’ll on the latest things that piss me off about video games, shocking news (mostly from my home state, probably), and horrible films I’ve found and recommend.

3. When I was 7 years old, I accidentally cut off one of my big toes. The doctors sewed it back on, but things have never really been the same since. Here is a photo of me struggling to hide my Frankentoe on a red carpet.


In my Cloud this week:

1. Unicorn Kid posted a mix online for the first time in like, two years, and it’s fucking beautiful.
I’m not quite sure when we’re gonna ditch the whole “seapunk” thing, but four years later and I’m still here for it, so I suppose This Is Fine.

2. This NYTimes feature on the oldest woman in Europe is beautiful.
The best part is when she credits a life with no husband since her divorce in 1938 for her longevity.

Read about our new Heroine here

3. Mess of the Week: Khloe Kardashian dissing Amber Rose for admitting to being a stripper at age 15.
I could write a 3,500 word essay on the internalized misogyny and slut-shaming at play here, but since I’m keeping it light and fluffy for my first column, I’ll just leave this here.

Read about this garbage here, on Perez Hilton’s website, which is a great home for garbage

And with that I will leave you to enjoy your four day work week. Make sure to take advantage of all of the ridiculous Presidents’ Day sales still lingering on all of the websites while you’re fucking around on Buzzfeed at work. Check out this cute picture of my new pet rat, Bucket, and I’ll be back next Monday with more Interesting Opinions and a lot more Fun and Exciting finds from my cloud, including new song 4 u from me. Love you friends!!!!!!!!!!!!