December 16th, 2015


I love conventions. Anime conventions, comic conventions, furry conventions; it doesn’t matter why we’re convening. If there’s a huge group of people dressed in elaborate cosplay jamming themselves into a big ass ballroom, I’m there.

I was given the opportunity to attend Stan Lee’s Comikaze (a name that I’ve since been informed is PROBLEMATIC, so what the fuck, Stan?) under the pretense that I would be meeting both Elvira and Carrie Fisher– two of the baddest bitches under the sun. I woke up extra early on Halloween Day to lace myself into my flounciest convention outfit, promised myself I wouldn’t spend any more money on anything signed by a K-pop idol, and set off to the LA Convention Center to walk around and bother people all day.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling errors I was unable to meet neither Elvira nor Carrie, and due to not being influential enough to finesse the plug I was also unable to meet Stan Lee. However, I WAS able to flirt with a shitload of guys dressed up as Deadpool, and I totally got to touch Grumpy Cat. Here’s a video of me doing these and other hilarious things, dressed even more adorably than usual. Enjoy!