March 3rd, 2015


Hi guys, it’s Kitty. I know I’m a day late, but it’s worth it.

This week I bring to you the result of what I believe has been a VERY SUCCESSFUL FORAY INTO INTERVIEWING.
I’ve been interviewed on camera a few times in my day, so I decided to try it out myself with Dan Deacon- an electronic artist (to put it simply) and frankly, kind of a legend.

Honestly, I’m really fucking sick of being asked “who my influences are” and “how I got started”, so I assumed Dan would feel the same. In lieu of these standard boring ass questions I had The Cloud help me brainstorm (lol) a few more interesting ones.

Check out the below to find out more about Dan Deacon’s curious Twitter handle, The Queen, and why he was almost bounced out of Canada. Don’t leave any mean comments, because I can’t handle them. See you next week!


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