April 24th, 2014

Tomorrow night, Computer Magic takes the stage at her Vinyl Release Party for her Extra Stuff EP at the Lyric Theatre. We caught up with her to ask a few questions about her new release as well as any current projects that are in progress. It turns out she has a few tricks up her sleeve we look forward to hearing. Read the interview below and get tickets to see her live Friday night!

IHC: What should we expect for the live show of Computer Magic?

CM: New songs from the EP! Other than that, dancing, fun, maybe a few jokes from my drummer.

IHC: You’ve said in previous interviews that you draw a lot from 70’s Sci-Fi movies and books. What are your top 5 sci-fi films or books?

CM: My inspiration comes from a lot of films for some reason. I think about a character and write from their perspective. As for films it probably goes something like, Barbarella, Zardoz, Logan’s Run, Bladerunner, The Man Who Fell to Earth (Bowie is amazing in that one). As for books, I love anything Philip K. Dick. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, The Cosmic Puppets, and A Scanner Darkly are all at the top of the list. George Orwell’s 1984, and Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange too. It’s all about the dystopian fiction.

IHC: There were a lot of tracks on the Extra Stuff EP, which means there must be a lot of unreleased Computer Magic material. How is work on the full-length going?

CM: There is a lot of unreleased material! The full length is going great. I’ve been in the studio with this producer Claudius Mittendorfer, whose worked with Neon Indian, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, amongst others. He’s really awesome and it’s nice to work with someone else (besides being by myself in my bedroom) for a change.

IHC: What is it like having a new release format for this release (Vinyl as opposed to downloads)? Are you a fan of physical distribution and do you think you will do something physical for your forthcoming album? Will it being seeing a label release?

CM: I prefer physical formats but haven’t had the means to make it happen in the past with my other EP’s. Something tangible is always better in my opinion. If it were up to me I would release them all on vinyl! And yes, definitely label plans in the future for the full length.

IHC: You’re a blogger and designer as well. What grabs your attention? What are some of the art pieces/album covers/art direction that your really admire right now or in general?

CM: I’m really into holographics, pastels, sci-fi which you already caught, tie-dye, old VHS static. Anything that makes something plain more interesting. A futuristic scene that looks like it was recorded with an old camcorder is right up my alley. As for some of my favorite album covers right now, Neil Young’s Trans and Kraftwerk’s Autobahn.


IHC: It was cool running into you at SXSW this year. Were you involved in any showcases this year? If so, how did they go?

CM: I nice running into you! just DJ’d this year! Since I’ve been working so hard on the LP wanted to save the efforts of lugging gear for next year. I DJ’d an MIT party, Black Iris Showcase and an after party for a film called Space Station 76.

IHC: Any new favortie acts that you discovered at SXSW?

CM: Future Islands. That dancing is amazing.

IHC: Any plans to collaborate in the future?

CM: Hope so! I did a song recently with Har Mar Superstar, it’s unreleased but maybe we’ll put it out someday.

IHC: Tacos or Pho?

CM: I’ve had so many tacos in my life that is have to say Pho.

IHC: Thanks againg for answering these questions. Can’t wait for the show on Friday!

CM: Yeah, anytime, see you then!

Computer Magic will be performing with Roses, D/A/D, and DJ Dirty Dave at The Lyric Theatre this Friday for her Vinyl Release Party! Pick up your tickets below and join us for an intimate night of soaring synths and cool vibes!