June 7th, 2013

Before you head out to Jubilee Fest tonight, our great friend and occasional IHC correspondent, David Striet (FuzZ) sat down recently with Sam Spiegel (N.A.S.A.) to talk about whats been happening in the world of Squeaky E. Clean. Take a look below…


David Streit: So first off, congrats on the Last Call With Carson Daly appearance the other day! It’s clear that things are going well with your new project, Maximum Hedrum. How has it been playing shows with the new group, and how was the Last Call performance?
Sam Spiegel: Last Call was dope. Carson has been really cool with supporting my projects. N.A.S.A.’s first TV appearance was on Last Call too. Maximum Hedrum is super fun, our touring party is a bunch of super close homies and it’s some original and weird ass music. People are caught off guard which is always fun and we get lots of panties thrown on stage.

We start touring with Yeah Yeah Yeahs on June 23rd. Then down to South America in September.

Wow, that’s awesome. How many shows have you guys done thus far?
We’ve only played 3 real shows. We had 4 warm up friends and family shows here in LA, and so far, the only real shows have all been in SXSW. Maybe there was 4 there, including Last Call. Why do u think girls i don’t know well always tell me i’m weird?

Idk haha. Nice, so everything must be really fresh still. Are you guys practicing on a weekly basis then, to prepare for your tour? Or are things really tight already?
We are doing a weekly jam session on Fridays at my house. #freakyfridays Whether Derrick’s in town or not we do it anyway. We usually do rehearsals leading up to a show, but i’d imagine as we really get touring the band is going to get really tight. We’re good, but i think we can be much better. I have big visions for our live show but for now, it’s small and fun. The one rule with Maximum Hedrum is always have fun.

That’s a good rule. What future plans for the live show are there? Or is it a secret?
I’d rather not divulge

Fair. So knowing how busy you are, what other projects are you working on besides touring for your new album?
I’m currently working on a new film with Dickhouse (makers of Jackass), but i can’t really go into details, and also working on a N.A.S.A. mixtape as well as a full-length album. Also, working on some productions for some other artists, some remixes, and lastly i’m tired of being a ho, so i’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the right girl.

Wow, lots on your plate. What are you looking for in the “right” girl?
The “Right” girl…hmmm. Smart, creative, inspiring, a passion for living, and she gotta be a freak.

You heard it here first Ladies.
Well, she doesn’t have to be a freak, but that’s always a plus.

Naturally. Well going back to the remixes, i saw via facebook you’re working on a new remix that your excited about. Any additional info on that?
Can’t really say, this band is super secretive about stuff. i’ve gotten in trouble revealing stuff to the press before from them.

This is a very mysterious interview, haha.
Ok i’ll tell you.

We don’t have to say in the actual interview if you don’t want it out there.
No, it’s cool. This can be on the record. It’s a remix for a new super-group I’ve formed with Justin Timberlake, Pharrel, Kanye, and M.I.A. We’re doing all of the remixes first, and then release the real album.

WHAT? *jaw dropping*
It’s a conceptual album…

That sounds amazing.
…About JT’s cat.


Wow. This story keeps getting better. Anything else you want add/shoutout, other than the fact that your playing Drai’s on Sunday?
Um damn…I got a lot to say. Shout outs to the McRib.

…And i just got a kitten. Her name is Wutang.

I feel that.
If possible i would like her picture included in the interview.

I will try to make that happen. Email me a photo.
No kitten, no interview. If Wutang doesn’t make the cut, that might be a problem.

Understandably so. Thanks for the interview Sam.

Sam Spiegel will be selecting at this week’s edition of IHC Sundays at Drai’s. Joining him will be LA powerhouse Kennedy Jones, recent Master of the Mix champion, Jayceeoh, and our own trapmaster $U$PECT. Make sure to RSVP and arrive before 11pm for free entry. As promised, here is a picture of Wutang the Cat.


wutang the cat