Into the West: Wooden Shjips Sail to LA

December 13th, 2012

Into the West: Wooden Shjips Sail to LA

As the Thrill Jockey Records 20th Anniversary approaches and fall weather settles in, the yearning for a band with old fashioned instruments becomes irresistible. Wooden Shjips play their own brand of drone based, psychedelic rock and they are celebrating with the release of their third LP, West by bringing their talent to Los Angeles. Guitarist and front man, Erik “Ripley” Johnson, lives up to his namesake by consistently shredding the guitar, making live shows a tribute to the instrument’s possibility. Johnson initially set out to form a band with musicians who were open to experimentation and unconcerned with trivial things like money or fame. He found his matches in Dusty Jermier, originally recruited for sax but now trumpet and bass,  drummer Omar Ahsanuddin, and organ player Nash Whalen. The end resulting in a solid four piece who create obscure records made up of consistent rhythms and dense layers of sonic distortion.

Wooden Shijps will be performing at the Thrill Jockey 20th Anniversary Show at the Echoplex on Friday, December 14th. Joining them will be fellow Thrill Jockey labelmates Liturgy, Trans Am, and Man Forever. Come help celebrate 20 years of incredible music from an iconic label!

Tickets available HERE.