Jacuzzi Jamz: An Introduction to Hottub

July 12th, 2012

Jacuzzi Jamz: An Introduction to Hottub

If you have ever seen Oakland’s Hottub live, you’ll understand when I say the three ladies responsible for the group’s high energy showcases do not fuck around in the slightest. While rap is undergoing a renaissance with people like Danny Brown, Das Racist, and Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire all rising to prominence, there are still many equally talented and eccentric rap crews out there flying under the radar that are essential to mention when defining one of the most diverse eras in rap. With a fierce in-your-face attitude; the Black / White / Filipino trio that make up Hottub, create sassed out party jams that remind us what fun really looks like. Their candy coated, crunked out vibes pack the craziest 90’s house party into every track with outrageous verses and a sexually charged presence. Expect lots of grinding, humping, bouncing, and rolling around on the floor while their provocative anthems push and jive throughout you body. If you are close enough to the stage, they might even ride on your shoulders while taking turns spitting rapid fire verses hype enough to rival any MC.

Hottub will be joining us this year at Comic Con for the IHEARTCOMIX + SPIN Comic Con party tomorrow at 4th & B in San Diego. Also performing will be Andrew W.K. (doing I Get Wet), Peanut Butter Wolf, Alexander Spit, and Franki Chan. Additionally, Meltdown Comics, Bubble Punch, and Suicidegirls will be hosting a cosplay contest; with live painting from L’Amour Supreme. Don’t miss out, San Diego. Let’s get wild!

Tickets available HERE.


P.S. Here is a recap from last year when Hottub performed at CYP2 with The Go! Team and Juiceboxxx.