Jim Pluk’s “Phil the Punk” Comic Shows Us the True Meaning Of Punk

March 31st, 2016

Jim Pluk’s “Phil the Punk” Comic Shows Us the True Meaning Of Punk

Colombian cartoonist Jim Pluk is actively breaking into the mainstream American audience after years of producing some of the most distinctive comics coming out of Latin America. His highly saturated, childishly extreme cartoons have long featured borderline-adorable animals that roast the shit out of their human companions – but prior to now, they’ve been limited to the Spanish-speaking population. His new column with Vice, however, brings him to the rest of us monolinguists.

Phil the Punk” follows a young, privileged wannabe punk with floppy gauges, doting parents, and a new pet Stoat (I didn’t know either) that shows up, voms on his new owner, and proceeds to call him out on all of his bullshit as they contemplate the true meaning of punk.

Some topics addressed in “Phil the Punk” include, but are not limited to: What punks eat, how to start a punk band, what a real punk is, how to be a terrible musician but look cute doing it, and most importantly, assholes. They’re short, they’re sloppy, but they say a lot in a little space … hey! Just like punk! It’s the circle of liiiiife.

Check out Phil and Stoat below as they try to figure out what to name their shitty ass punk band, something we’ve been trying to do for like 10 years now but can’t come up with anything better than “ABBA.” Oh, wait …



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