August 15th, 2012

Our favorite Journeyman, Juiceboxxx, has been deep in the Thunder Zone continually building his empire from the ground up with ambitious new releases and a radical new label format. An energy drink and press-on nails are just a taste of what the Thunder Zone has to offer, and while these are all very bizarre and progressive ideas coming from a man constantly overflowing with them, his latest release brings it all back to where it started, the music.

Yesterday, Juiceboxxx released the first music video for, Express Way To The Darkness, the latest from his new LP, I Don’t Want To Go Into The Darkness. While Juiceboxxx’s wonky, energetic flow is present throughout the album, Expressway focuses more on his DIY roots; with a driving, lo-fi garage sound that gets grungier as the track rages on. Don’t be mistaken though, the track holds up well with the rest of the albums high energy anthems, as his ever present hype and positive vibe thrives throughout the record.

Be sure to head to your local record store and get your copy of Juiceboxxx’s new LP, I Don’t Want To Go Into The Darkness, out now on Infinity Cat / Thunder Zone.