fbpx Juiceboxxx presents: State of the Thunder Zone #24 - In the Woods Edition – IHEARTCOMIX
July 8th, 2013

We have to be a little quiet while tuning in to this weeks, State of the Thunder Zone. In episode #24, Juiceboxxx comes at us live from deep in the woods of Wisconsin to very cautiously make this weeks address. As Juiceboxxx continues to find himself and readjust his lifestyle, he still managed to let us know about an upcoming minimix from Fat Tony set to be released this week on Thunder Zone Radio. Also, Juice touches a bit on his mentor and Addict Records founder Doormouse and the influence he’s had on his cartoon lifestyle.

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Hopefully next week, Juiceboxx will escape the darkness with some more news from the Thunder Zone. We can only hope so as we are all in this together and stand united with our boy Juice. Until then, keep those fucked up dreams alive.