fbpx Juiceboxxx presents: State of the Thunder Zone #28 - Vicious Pop Edition – IHEARTCOMIX
August 7th, 2013

We got a little bit lost in the darkness this week, but as Juiceboxxx teaches us in his weekly vlog, State of the Thunder Zone, perseverance is key. With that said, we are back in the mix with Juiceboxxx as he addresses us live from Vicious Pop Records HQ. Before he ventured into the Thunder Zone, there was Vicious Pop, who released many of the early records from Juiceboxxx, collaborations with Dre Skull, singles from Tittsworth, and many other 2000’s era underground classics. As a very tired Juiceboxxx struggles to hold his head up straight (physically and maybe a little metaphorically), he recounts his adventure covering this years Warped Tour for The Onion A/V Club, getting inspired for his upcoming Thunder Zone tour, and asks everyone for their vintage EMF gear.

juiceboxxx video still

Be sure to stay tuned next week and every other week for more unfiltered reality from the Thunder Zone. Also, remember to check out Juiceboxxx’s Onion article HERE.