Juiceboxxx presents: State of the Thunder Zone #31 – V8 Edition

August 26th, 2013

Juiceboxxx presents: State of the Thunder Zone #31 – V8 Edition

This week, Juiceboxxx sends us a transmission from a remote truck cruising the streets of Milwaukee with tons of positive vibes. While broadcasting from the passengers seat after checking out a Negativland show, JB tips us off to the upcoming Thunder Zone tour this fall, featuring Juiceboxxx, Schwarz, and Extreme Animals, who are described as the Negativland for the Energy Drink generation (DO YOUR RESEARCH). Other updates include the recent release of the latest Thunder Zone Radio, which features a mix from our good friend Jacob Safari (HEAVEN, formally from Wavves & Mae Shi).

As he once again crosses the Locust St. Bridge, Juiceboxxx drops some classic JB history reminding us of his eternal hustle. It’s this unyielding dedication that constantly inspires us, and one of the reasons why we stand united with Juiceboxxx. Check out the video to find out, and stay tuned every week for another update from the Thunder Zone. Until then, Keep following those fucked up dreams.