Juiceboxxx’s “Walking in Milwaukee” Activates Self-Hate and Extreme Panic Attacks

June 1st, 2015

Juiceboxxx’s “Walking in Milwaukee” Activates Self-Hate and Extreme Panic Attacks


When I think of Milwaukee, I think of the noun for “dreary,” which has to be “drear.” I don’t think that’s a word, but  I also haven’t memorized every word in the dictionary … yet. What I do know is that it evokes images of damp, grey things and a guy named Jim who haunts the same old pub day after day because he’s low on teeth and his wife left him for a flashier man named Tim. Tim has a leather jacket and is totally down with being a surrogate father figure, because his job at the Fiat dealership affords him enough time for paternal life moves … even though your real dad is still alive despite what you mom says. Maybe your dad’s Tupac.

So, I can really identify with Juiceboxxx’s description of Milwaukee as “The City of Extreme Panic Attacks and Self-Hate” in reference to his new video for “Walking in Milwaukee.”

“This song is about being a kid wasted in the Heartland,” Juice told The FADER over email. “Walking everywhere, frantically booking DIY greyhound bus tours at a computer lab, going to basement shows and feeling fucked up … I wish I could say that part of my life is over, but it’s never really over and there’s never really any escape from your roots. But you gotta keep fighting.”

He does a really great job of illustrating how real the struggle is in this music video for the song. Directed by Jack Packard, it features Juice walking about Self-Hate City with a selfie stick apparatus-thing, rapping about what it’s like to be an impressionable young man in a city whose Walkability Index Score is negative six billion.

“Walking in Milwaukee” is off Juiceboxxx’s new record, Heartland 99, which comes out June 9th via Thunderzone and Vinyl International.

If you’re thirsty for more Juice (sorry, had to), check out his video for “Like a Maniac,” in which he plays a sweaty agoraphobe who dances like everyone’s watching and breaks things multiple times. Marry me.