Just Say No to Drugs With Club Cheval’s “Young, Rich and Radical” Video

Posted by Isabelle 5 months ago in Film

club-cheval young rich radical no drugs

If you were to make a snap judgment about the meaning of Club Cheval‘s track “Young, Rich and Radical,” no one would fault you for assuming it’s about partying. Just the title alone conjures images of picturesque cocaine mountains and purple drank rivers.

However, the video advocates for anything but. Promoting a simple, sober lifestyle with crisp images of models rejecting earthly temptations like it was their job, the Laura-Weaver directed video backs a drug and alcohol-free existence. The case for the simple life is made so strongly, that at one point one of the models even rejects an eccentric wardrobe choice. How Amish.

“The song implies a life of excess and vices, like the ones we see in rap videos, so we decided to show a whole other aspect of the title because we like to play around with genres,” the French four-piece told Interview.  “When everyone thinks they are going to watch a DJ Khaled-style video, portraying us with jet skis and gold chains, we went the other way, showing young people saying no to pretty common excesses and vices.”

Composed of producers Myd, Sam Tiba, Panteros666, and Canblaster, Club Cheval perfects the combination of pure electronica with elements of R&B and pop. Their debut LP Discipline just dropped last mont, they’ve remixed tracks by the likes of Rihanna and The Dø, and they’re currently working toward their sophomore effort, so it’s kind of hard to believe that there are no amphetamines fueling that train of success, but hey … if James Brown can get high on life, so can they.

Check out the very PC, mom-friendly video below:

Photo cred: Priscilla Saada


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