February 19th, 2016

Her debut album is on its way (thank GOD), but critically acclaimed R&B singer Kelela has found a way to keep us twirled around her finger in the meantime: through a short film called Interlude.

Interlude, which premiered on Dazed this week, is directed by Cieron Magat and features the LA-based singer cruising the streets of her adopted city; dancing and fanning herself at a club, singing to her phone, and taking glamour shots with her friends. Which is a treasure in itself, because, whoa, that’s a throwback middle-school tradition if I ever did see one.

The length is short and sweet, but she successfully reminds me why I’ve been so obsessed with her since last year (aside from the fact that her nights seem twice as exciting as mine). Dazed also had a chance to interview her for their cover story, which you can check out here.