December 17th, 2015

Production duo Kicks N Licks recently teamed up with Mitis and Lauren Hunter to make “Mind,” a lush new single  that recalls their earlier roots as kingpins of melodic bass.

Although KNL is known for their chiller, more listenable taken on EDM, “Mind” has a noticeably lower heart rate than KNL’s more recent offerings. With a vibrant, building melody and the saccharine croon of Lauren Hunter’s vocals, the track seems to convey a certain meaning and emotional depth that listeners can interact with on a level beyond bass-thumping.

“We wanted to switch things up and make something for outside the club,” they explained in a press release. “Melodic bass isn’t a new or hip genre but it’s one of the most beloved bass subgenres; it provides listeners with the pleasurable vibration of bass while still holding onto a melody and a consistent groove. “Mind” was created with this concept in mind ?.”

The catchy single is out now via Mitis’ new label collective, Born Records. Listen!

And when Kicks N Licks isn’t producing melodies that vibrate so hard my Hitachi wand considers a career change, they’re also nerding out over the wonderful world of film. They happen to be huge Star Wars fans, but since they haven’t seen the new Force Awakens installment yet, I caught up with them to see what their other favorite films are.And I’ve gotta say, it’s a beaut of a list.

1. Grandma’s Boy

2. Lord of the Rings

3. Grand Budapest Hotel

4. Interstellar

5. Out Cold

6. Snatch

7. Meet the Parents

8. Billy Madison

9. City of God

10. The Original Star Wars