fbpx Kings of the Moombahthrone: An Introduction to NADASTROM – IHEARTCOMIX
July 26th, 2013

When Dave Nada, one half of NADASTROM, slowed down Dutch house to the tempo of reggaeton at a basement house party he created a new brand of dance music now know as Moombahton. Joining forces with Matt Nordstrom, the duo honed their new sound to share with the world. Based out of L.A. but born in DC these two musicians came from very different upbringings but found common ground in hardcore punk music and the new wave sounds emerging from the DJ scene.


When the duo joined forces in 2007, it was a match made in Moombahton heaven as the music reached high acclaim almost immediately. Once Dave ‘Switch’ Taylor signed them to his label Dubsided Records, the two had nowhere to go but up. Over the past few years NADASTROM have produced tracks for industry legends as well as remixing tracks for Kid Cudi, Benny Benassi, Christina Aguilera, Waka Flocka Flame, the Death Set and most recently Alex Clare. Listen to the addictive remix for Alex Clare’s Too Close below to hear what makes their chemistry so special.

Franki Chan had the opportunity to catch up with Matt and Dave in an interview for Scion A/V. Watch as they reveal their mixing secrets, the evolution of their music and how they connected with Switch!

Come out to IHC Sundays this weekend to see NADASTROM in the mix at Drai’s Hollywood. You can risk it and RSVP for free entry before 11pm or buy tickets in advance for guaranteed entry. Don’t forget the pool party vibes go all Summer long so float away on the rooftop at Drai’s!


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