Kitty Is Crowd-Funding the Shit Out of Her First Ever Album. Donate Now!

August 11th, 2015

Kitty Is Crowd-Funding the Shit Out of Her First Ever Album. Donate Now!

kitty crowd funding the shit out of her first album donate now

Our good friend/ Dear Leader Kitty already has a highly acclaimed discography and creative empire, which is a lot more than most 22-year-old can say about their bitch-ass lives. But, unlike them, Kitty’s there. Kitty is a #thing.

But! For all her glory and accomplishment she’s still chasing after that elusive glimmer of sunshine and chillness: a full-length album. It’s the last step she has to take before she reaches her final form, which we’re 99 percent sure will be holographic.

And she needs your help to do it. She just started a Kickstarter asking for fan’s donations to help her reach her goal of $25K, money she’ll use to fund her debut record. So far, it’s already done super well ($22K at press time), but there’s still time to to give a few dollars of your Daddy’s money to this important cause.

Her pledges are pretty legit; for $1 or more, you can buy Kitty’s undying love, which is way below wholesale price so don’t sleep on that. For $5, you can get a personalized SnapChat drawing, and for $25, you can be the proud owner of a Kitty and Friends limited-edition zine. On the more $$$$ side of things: she’ll Skype you for $100, and for $400, you and Kitty can have a mildly awkward time at the spa together in either L.A. or NYC. And for the 1 percenters, your $500 donation gets you this:

kitty kickstarter $500 pledge dna for cloning

Oh, you have to pay for her clone-able DNA? Our intern Scott has been collecting her hair for like, six months now so, we guess hit him up if you can’t afford to support our girl.

Go here to check out her Kickstarter, where you’ll also find an adorable video, some hilarious writing, and a whole bunch of other endearingly e-treats that’ll make it obvious why you should help her make her little dreams come true.

Need further convincing? Check out some the videos Kitty has made for us, and take a look at her hilarious column here.