fbpx Kitty Premieres New Electro Single "MISS U" Produced by Friendly Ghost and Matt R!
November 10th, 2014


It seems Kitty, formerly Kitty Pryde, has turned over a new leaf this Fall with her scintilating new single MISS U off her upcoming album Frostbite out officially November 18th! The new track, produced by Friendly Ghost and Matt R, has traded Kitty’s playful rhymes with 80’s electro-pop vibes that pulse with progressive synths and light hearted lyrics. A sound that seems to suit Kitty’s prose perfectly, MISS U might be the beginning of a new and more evolved direction. Certainly a surprising new sound for her long time listeners, stretching into this new genre will definitely garner her some new fans with this synth scortcher. The production of Friendly Ghost and Matt R. have given Kitty a fitting format for her future endeavors and we look forward to hearing what’s next from the pink haired princess.