February 21st, 2014

Part two of the interview with my sister, L.A. Girlfriend, kicks off with us discussing our thoughts on this year’s winter olympics in Sochi before talking about her show going expectations. I also ate mochi. She didn’t get any because she showed up late.


O S A K A: Olympics. Who are you rooting for?
L.A. Girlfriend: I’m rooting for, any underdog. But I think I messed up because this year because this year they aren’t showing as many people during the primetime broadcast since it’s taped.

Yeah you’re right. They have all those weird human interest stories.
Yeah, and usually those people are the ones that win. Spoiler alert. We can’t say that…

No, fuck it. Everybody knows Shawn White didn’t win…
Or the Plashinko guy. The Russian Figure Skater that retired for three years and came back last olympics to get silver and got pissed off. He came back this year and helped the Russian Figure Skating Team win a Gold in the new team event, but during his own event last night, homeboy did a practice quadruple spin and blew out his back. So he didn’t even get to compete. His final moment of his olympic career was literally shattering his dreams and having to bow out. Stuff like that sucks.

Yeah, but stuff like shooting and skiing is awesome.

Yeah. I’m still surprised at how many people don’t know what biathalon is. You talk about skiing and shooting and people say, “Yeah, what’s the word for that?

No, no, no, no. There is a really specific word for it…” …it’s BIATHALON!(yells).

L.A. Girlfriend: Ok, wait. Halfpipe skiing?

O S A K A: Yeah. I don’t…ahhhh…that’s a slippery slope for me because like… I’m all about all-mountain acceptance…there are some ski only mountain resorts that don’t allow snowboarders…but yeah a half pipe is one thing, and I can almost see ALMOST see past it, but fucking rails?!?! Are you kidding me?
I didn’t know they had rails.

Yeah. Oh, no, no, no. There’s skiing slopestyle with rails. Where they’re like… where they’re…jibbing…is the technical extreme sports snowboarder term for it because it was a snowboard only element before. You can’t jib on skis…
You can’t jib, BRO!

…but you can’t grind on them either. There’s probably some weird wacky skier name for it…But yeah it’s kind of stupid because you can either go sideways or sideways the other way. Or you can do it sideways on one foot or sideways on the other foot, with any variation of spinning… It’s fucking stupid.
*hahahahahaha laughs*

Until they start doing tail slides or nose slides, then i’ll be impressed.
I think thats a terrible idea. *laughs* I don’t think that would work.

If they tried doing that now, the ski would just pop off. It would never work. That’s why it’s stupid. They are limited by the technology they have available right now.

Ok, enough about Skiing. Apologies to all my friends who ski.

O S A K A: Let’s talk Check Yo Ponytail. Are you stoked?
L.A. Girlfriend: I’m beyond stoked. I’m freaked out!

Awesome. And this is your second?
Yeah. My first one was two years ago? Two years ago. It will be fun since i’ve progressed so much personally especially live, that is, in terms of being more of a performer instead of a band that just goes and plays songs. If you what to just listen to songs, just stay home, save your money and play the record.

You go out to support the artist though too…
You go out to support the artist, but I also want to see a show. I don’t know if that means audience participation or just watching a person who is totally lost in themselves. I enjoy that experience and I enjoy trying to do that in front of other people. It’s that one place that I can do what I want and nobody can say anything really to me. Like mom. Like mom can’t be like “I think you should have done this instead” to me.

Hahaha. Word. Last statements… of the interview, not like last words. Should we just go get pizza?
I have to go home though. Where are we going to get pizza?

Well, fine then. Go home. Happy Valentines Day, Sister.
Happy Valentines Day, Brother!

L.A. Girlfriend will be performing live at Check Yo Ponytail on March 8th. Rufus Du Sol, Lemaitre, and Gavin Turek will be performing as well. In the meantime, check out the video for, Gentlemen below.

Tickets are available HERE.