June 11th, 2012

Grimes and Blood Diamonds have been on a roll lately. Phone Sex, their first collaboration on 4AD, has already been driving the internet waves crazy with it’s heavy K-pop influence and anthemic yearning. This weekend saw the release of another noteworthy collaboration, this time adding Kreayshawn and Tragik to create, L$D, a fitting name that accurately describes the feeling you get when watching the video for their first single, Don’t Smoke My Blunt. Apparently, the track was recorded this weekend in 10 minutes, with the video having been shot and put together in under an hour. The song itself is a gritty, tripped out, two beat production that is dense with random blips, bleeps, and delays. With sassed out verses and a “grimey” attitude, L$D prove that music created out of fun and spontaneity can be just as infectious as their more focused endeavors.

Grimes and Blood Diamonds will be performing at Check Yo Ponytail on June 19th. Joining them will be Lemonade and Le1f. In the meantime, check out Grimes x Blood Diamonds x Kreayshawn x Tragik collaboration below.

Tickets are available HERE.