Le Youth and Dominique Young Unique Present: “Dance With Me”

January 30th, 2014

Le Youth and Dominique Young Unique Present: “Dance With Me”

You may have noticed that 2014 has already seen a resurgeance in the sounds of the 90’s with contemporary R&B making waves as well as 90’s house music. These trends always seem cyclical and lead to a new hybrid that evokes the nostalgia we crave combined with those infectious modern beats. Los Angeles based producer, Le Youth recently released his latest contemporary classic Dance With Me featuring Dominique Young Unique on Ultra Records that glorifies the style, sexiness, and sounds of the 90s with a throwback photo shoot, complete with models in 90s outfits, psychedelic effects and Dominique and Le Youth strutting their stuff for the camera.leyouthcouch

Dance With Me is the follow-up to last summer’s single C O O L, which made its way up the Hype Machine charts and launched Le Youth onto his first European tour. His signature blend of Clinton-era R&B and  house music is remniscient of those pre-Internet days when dance music offered a transcendentally blissful brand of hedonism that’s considerably harder to find on today’s aggro-edged EDM landscape. Le Youth will be hitting the Radio 1 Live Lounge on February 20th but you can pre-order his new single Dance With Me now before it’s official release February 9th!

Pre-order Dance With Me HERE.