Clayton Hauck / Everyone Is Famous

Best known for our 5+ year running multi-day event, APW, in which multiple labels and partners come together to create our own festival amongst the madness, IHC did our first SXSW event in 2006 at the freshly opened Beauty Bar. The major success of this first event sparked a chain of relationships that were the catalyst of years of epic events to come.

Maybe a case of being in the right place at the right time, IHC took the step of setting a new precedent in the craziness just as a new wave of music was hitting. This resulted in long-term partnerships with both Diplo’s label, Mad Decent, and A-Trak’s, Fool’s Gold Records, of which IHC has grown and worked with since conception. These partnerships resulted in legendary events in Austin including the 3-day Carniville, which featured carnival rides and music, the 2-day Past Yo Bedtime, which took over an abandoned shopping mall for an all night rager, or even multi-day events on top of a parking garage or in a recently closed Salvation Army.

The success of these events spurred an even larger idea, Austin Party Weekend, otherwise known as APW. Due to the overwhelming success of the previous years, we decided to expand the days and take over entire venues to coordinate our own mini-fest partnering with additional labels (up to 2 venues over 4 days with 14 label partners and 167 artists). The result has been a large scale branded event that stands out as one of the main attractions of SXSW with no end in site.

Press: http://www.complex.com/music/2015/03/iheartcomix-austin-party-weekend-lineup