In the fall of 2012, IHEARTCOMIX produced a short lived, yet highly influential online talk show called IHC Live. Part of the Stickam network (a now defunct live stream service) and filmed at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, CA, IHC Live was an hour long weekly talk and skit show hosted by Franki Chan, Demonbabies and Lil Lucifer. Each episode featured special guests, performances, live chat, pre-recorded skits, themes, games and sometimes a narrative.

IHC Live began as a hobby, just another way for IHC to get their name out there and work their relationships in new ways. It quickly turned into an obsession. Casual hour-long interviews turned into week-long writing sessions and character creations. A lot of their universe and content creation bug was born out of this very show. Through IHC Live, they discovered themselves.

Unfortunately the premature death of Stickam also brought the end of IHC Live before they were able to start on the second season, but it spawned so much more. Soon after, THUMP (VICE’s EDM website), picked up the series for a short run hosted by Britney Scott called Deep Thots. The skills they learned enabled us to shoot an 8-hour long telethon for a Kickstarter project that featured 30+ special guests and performances. IHC Live lead to the taping of the CYP TV Show pilot and exists today in our Twitch live stream specials and ongoing series Party Stream.

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