IHEARTCOMIX started as just an event promoter in 2004. Always one for original concepts, Franki Chan began a party with his friends Har Mar Superstar and Steve Aoki at Beauty Bar called Fucking Awesome where they would get their friends in bands to DJ (a new concept at the time). The popularity of this weekly party spawned several others with Aoki including Cinespace Tuesdays, Block Party and Loose Tooth. In 2006 Aoki and Chan separated and IHC began Check Yo Ponytail.

Over the course of the next decade IHC would expand from being a weekly party thrower to a straight up concert promoter in Los Angeles, using their signature style and creativity to add a level of branding to each that have stayed with the culture to this day. Always on the forefront of breaking musical acts, IHEARTCOMIX events have left a trail of legacy in their wake working with generations of artists as they find their way into the scene.

As the core structure of IHC has evolved, so has their business model. As of 2015, IHC left promoting behind as they dedicate the time to new endeavors, yet keeping that same spirit alive.

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