February 6th, 2015


So much music comes across our neurotically spotless (not) desks everyday, that we thought we’d just make you a big ol’ swangin’ weekly playlist of all of it to get you good and emotionally aroused for the weekend.

The playlists are going to be called Life or Death, presumably because you might die if you don’t listen to them, but our lawyer hasn’t evaluated the efficacy of that statement so don’t hold us to it.

We’re going to be doing these playlists on Friday afternoons-ish, so just know that they’re not going to be something you should soothe your subconscious to while you do restorative yoga on your spirulina-dusted hemp mat, knowhatimean?

… Just kidding you guys, we put one in there for that. We’re not going to tell you what it’s called but it’s “Rude” by Magic! You’re not welcome. But the rest of them are actual songs. Songs for dancing, songs for humping, songs for doing a mutated hybrid of the two. There’s even songs in here you can aggressively eat cheese to.

There’s some highly new shit in here, including a track by Shy Girls ft. Antwon that just dropped this week, but there’s also some slightly more aged selections from 2014 like Zhala’s ‘Slippin Around.’ There’s a hearty dose of bass that drops and rappers that make you want to punch the night in the face like Rae Sremmurd and Travis Scott. Obvs we threw some shoegaze-y-sex-psych-pop in there too from the likes of Them Are Us Too and OOFJ. It’s got a little of everything.

Lissssten. And check out our SoundCloud page, where we routinely post other things you need to hear.